Dry Scalp/ Hair/ Skin

These are our handpicked recommendations for dry scalp, hair and/or skin.

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*Some underlying issues with scalp and skin may require medicated treatments. We recommend seeing a doctor for continued irritations while looking at alternative supporting products. Often simply drinking more water and incorporating a humidifier will suffice a dry scalp.
*Dandruff is a fungal infection not just a dry scalp. This requires a medicated shampoo or other topical treatments. Unfortunately Davines has discontinued Purifying in Canada at this time. We currently have supply to support refills at our Toronto location.
*Eczema and Psoriasis are two different skin conditions, often associated with your immune system and reaction to allergens. Medical advice is recommended if problems worse and/or flare ups are unmanageable. For relief we recommend Calming and Salve Adore alongside a mindfulness of diet, stress and your daily environment.
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