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Our Story

Because Great Hair isn't just your beauty routine its a Lifestyle!

After creating a successful Hair Salon founded on Sustainability, Beauty and Community, we felt pulled to reaching greater heights, beyond the Salon!

We are in search of the most sustainable lifestyle while still enjoying the luxuries and joy that life has to offer. All while preserving this beautiful earth for many futures to come.

We've curated unique items that allow your soul to feel great on the inside and out. And we have a reserved space for our salon favourites from our home shop, so that you may indulge in them too.

Our goal is to provide an option of luxury and peace of mind knowing products have been vetted to be sustainably sourced, manufactured and delivered.

We hate to see waste, so we ask that you recycle, whenever possible. Ask us about how to mail your empties back to be recycled or to be *refilled.

 *for the products that allow it.

VISION - Create an online shopping experience you can feel Beautiful and Luxurious about. Void of the internal conflict of waste, catch phrases and overall uncertainty. 
VALUES - Sustainable, Ethical & Transparent