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Sustainability, Ethics & Transparency

These are our Values, they hold a special place in our everyday goals. We believe they are important parts of not only being good & kind beings, but it's good business too!

Our Brands: We carry must be plant based, sustainably sourced and manufactured. Including its packaging.

Our Packaging: When we deliver your items, though we understand its near impossible to mail a package with out something to wrap it in. Something that is secure and will allow your item to arrive safely. We do use compostable and reusable mailers or recyclable boxes. Our labels are recyclable and/ or compostable. Any supporting packaging items will always be from recycled paper or is compostable and/ or meant to be reused.


We know that some of our items come in plastic, even if it is recycled, it sucks! To help offset this disappointment, deep in our hearts, we offer a few options to help heal our soul.

1. Mail us back your recyclables in your reusable compostable mailer. We will recycle them within our GCS program to give them another life!

2. We offer refill orders on some of our items. Check in with us if you aren't sure.

3. We are committed to donating 1% of all sales to Grand Trees Climate Solutions.