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Calming Superactive, NaturalTech - Davines

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It immediately relieves irritation and carries out an effective and long-lasting soothing action. Immediate relief and tonic, full and soothed scalp.

The phytoceuticals in Calming are extracted from blueberries, which are rich in polyphenols and sugar with a high anti-inflammatory power.

"Personally I think this is one of the coolest products Davines has come out with to date! This spray instantly relieves pain and irritation from the scalp from post color irritation for those with a sensitive scalp, sunburns and general irritations that can occur! I love it for after those hot summer days at the beach!" Ariel - Level 1 Stylist

Disiloxane, isododecane, alcohol denat., dimethicone, zea mays oil / oxidized corn oil, fragrance, zanthoxylum bungeanum fruit extract, oleyl alcohol.

Apply evenly to damp hair and leave in.