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Your Essentials Box

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Never run out of your Essentials

This box includes your favorite Davines Essential Shampoo & Conditioner, plus a FREE gift.


  • never run out again!
  • free gift (relatable to the shampoo & conditioner you have requested) 
  • personable connect with our team of stylists
  • refill program
  • free shipping (in store pickup is also available)


Place order and wait for our email. Be sure to leave us with the correct contact information. We will ask you which Davines Essential Shampoo & Conditioner you would like or we can recommend. This will remain as a note on your file. And if you ever want to switch it up, you can simply email us to let us know. If for any reason you aren't ready for your supply just yet, you can pause or skip.


To benefit from our refill program you can come in with your empty bottles or return your empty bottles with the reusable packaging you received with your order in. Once received a 10% credit will be refunded to you. You can also let us know in our emails whether this is your plan.

*Oi is not included.