Adopting a Sustainable Lifestyle

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Creating a sustainable lifestyle has been on trend over the last few years. We are excited to see our communities grow in this direction and to see the ways we are growing for the future.

We have a few tips wherever you are your sustainable journey:

Getting started:

  • Think about everything new that you buy in a circular system. How is it sourced/ manufactured? How is it packaged? Our these resources renewable?
  • Use up your current products up and replace with more sustainable products when finished. *tossing full or partially used products is more wasteful.
  • Watch some short videos or documentaries on things you don't know or understand. Always ask questions.

Thriving in the lifestyle:

  • Are you considering all aspects of sustainability? Food, home, energy use, everyday products, services, etc.
  • What other ways could you be supporting yourself and your community with conscious and sustainable actions? Volunteering, sharing knowledge/ resources, etc.

Learning a new lifestyle can be overwhelming. Keep in mind, this isn't an overnight change. One step at a time and in a few years, even just one year, you can look back and see change in your overall mindset.

The sustainability of our current lifestyles and how we treat this planet are heavy topics. It doesn't mean your day to day needs to be heavy too. If you aren't enjoying or valuing a change (of any kind) that will give you joy in the end, then you are likely doing more harm to your body than good. On top of not having the energy for long term follow through.

It's pretty difficult to have a positive impact if you are not also taking care of your mental/ emotional/ physical health.

And, of course, if you want your friends to join you, share your excitement and inspire them... lecturing won't get you far, lead with the positive!


Now get out there and help save this beautiful home of ours!

 Alicia - Queen's Shop Founder

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