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Sometimes I feel like a walking contradiction! I am a bit of a hippie AND I have high expectations for the finer things in life. In other words, I want an herbal compress to remove inflammation, and I want it to be made from the most delicate, precious plants, served on the finest china, in a room that exudes comfort... Is that too much to ask. HAHA

As a hairdresser, I wanted to know my clients were getting the best products for their hair. And I'd have clients come in and tell me they were using all natural shampoos, coconut oil or bar soaps on their hair. The hippie in me loved it and wanted them to work so bad, but their hair always felt waxy, dry or brittle. I knew I needed to try to find a better solution for them.

This was a big factor for choosing Davines when we planning the salon in 2014. I wanted plant based... and it had to be pretty, smell pretty AND be effective! Clients felt better about the products they were investing in and their hair was thanking them for it!

What it comes to sustainability, Davines has definitely taken their mission to the next level... If you don't already know I am in love and very obsessed with their brand and ethos as a whole. Yet, a liquid shampoo still has to come in a bottle, recycled plastic or not, its plastic!

Did you know we do refills and bottle returns? And you even receive a discount!

And, honestly, I still wasn't sold on shampoo and conditioner bars. Or most body soap bars at that! Then, just last year I came across a Canadian company called Bottle None. They were advertising their shampoo and conditioner bars as plant based, zero waste and ph balanced... their branding was also clean and attractive. What can I say, I'm in the beauty industry, I'm obsessed with aesthetics!

Either way we had to order some and test them out. We wanted to be sure it wasn't all just a pipe dream. Amongst the team, we tried out different products on our varying hair types, and we were all pleasantly impressed.

They have been a hit so far... don't tell anyone, though I will even use them as a body bar! One of my favourite parts is just how delicate they are on the skin. That's the ph balanced part, which is key for happy hair and skin!

We were again over joyed that Davines has launched 4 Shampoo bars. As part of their Essential Haircare line, Dede, Volu, Love and Momo! Similar to Bottle None, we are impressed.

If you told me 10 years ago that a shampoo bar could not only clean my hair effectively, but also create volume in my fine, straight hair... I would have likely snickered, while trying not to complete laugh in your face! Needless to say, I highly recommend trying a bar if overall consumption of plastic as been getting to you... on top of the waxy or dry hair feeling you've been feeling with your current shampoo and conditioner options.


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