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I'm not easily impressed, though, I still appreciate a good surprise or even the simplicity of unwrapping something special. We created our 'Hey Beauty Kit' for just this reason, we wanted to create something special just for you! AND something that wasn't going to be wasteful!

After searching through all the different beauty boxes available, we found there was limited options for sustainable and Canadian boxes. We also found that people wanted a low cost and high value. 

What we found interesting was that people often ran out of their shampoo and conditioner or their favourite styling products! Resulting in a last minute drug store purchase. Admittedly, this news broke our hearts just a bit, as we worried for the overall health of our clients hair and the longevity of their colour. Thus we created for 'Your Essentials Box'. Which is a subscription box for your favourite Davines Essential shampoo and conditioner. *Bonus, every one of these essential boxes receives a gift!

And as we gear up for the Holidays and gifting season, we are looking for more ways to simplify your orders and gift options with new box offerings. We'll do the work and you get to look and feel great! Creating these kits for you beauties really gets us excited, we can't wait for you to open them up!

Grab your favourite box or subscription (you can subscribe and save with individual items too!), then sit back and get excited for the surprises! 

We love finding the best from the sustainable world and we've been busy curating since we started! 

Alicia - Queen's Shop Founder

We are now preparing our 4th edition of our Hey Beauty Kit 

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