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The endless tale... you order something that is branded as 'eco-friendly' and it arrives wrapped in an oversized box with way more plastic than you could imagine. If you are anything like us, your skin is now crawling with the frustration of needless waste.

And to be honest, there often isn't much said about how your package will arrive. With most things you just hope its packaged as marketed, sustainably. I know I've searched through too many websites to find nothing or to read that their ethos/ missions didn't include a beginning to end statement. Rarely was there any information, if anything it has often been vague or just missing the mark.

This is one problem we've set out to solve with Queen's Shop Lifestyle. So far no solution is proving quite perfect. I'm daydreaming of storks, gently floating your package right into your hands, carried in a tote bag or even just a cotton wrap. There's always a package of some sort to deliver goods from one hand to another, especially with shipping breakables...

So far our preferred options are compostable, reusable and recycled options.

For our smaller orders we've found and love our compostable mailers from Noissue. Larger orders and our Beauty Box Subscriptions are shipped in our branded recycled boxes made by Shipmaster (it took a long while to find a box supplier that actually seemed to care about sustainability as a whole for this one).  Anything in between, we reuse packaging from our supply orders, including cushioning.  Luckily, we are in the business of finding other sustainable brands and can feel confident about the packaging we do receive.

If you are stopping by to pick up an order, we will have your package in a recycled branded bag, ready and waiting for you. Feel welcome to bring your own bag and/ or refuse packaging at any time.

"We appreciate when you bring in your empty Davines bottles for recycling or refills. So much that we'll gift you 10% OFF your refill or next product!

We encourage our customers to reuse our compostable mailers and recycled boxes, whether for returns, refills or anything else that comes to mind. Our super cute branded tissue paper and tape is also from Noissue, we admire their mission to evolve how shipping is done globally.

Even our shipping labels cut down waste, as there is no liner(backing)! We just think this is super cool... especially since we'd be going crazy if we had to do a happy then sad dance every time we printed off a shipping label.

Imagine that, so excited to see our customers loving what we have to offer. To just feel immediately defeated knowing we had to throw a piece of label backing into the waste bin. Can that waxy paper even get recycled in Toronto recycling?

We'll save the Toronto recycling program talk for another day... until then, thank you for being here. Happy, confidently and consciously shopping for all your favourite things at Queen's Shop!

Alicia - Founder/CEO

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